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Clumsy Ninja: How you can Get More XP or Level Up Fast

Clumsy Ninja is a brand new virtual character game by Natural Motion, most widely known as the organization behind The Horse of mine as well as CSR Racing. This particular game uses 1 of probably the most intelligent AI's even witnessed in virtually any game thus far, console or even mobile, to develop a character who could be trained up from a clumsy small amateur to some master ninja by the player 's actions. Continue reading for some tricks and tips for Clumsy Ninja!

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1. Balloons, not Boxes

On a per XP point worth, the simplest way to get fast XP is buying as many balloons as pop and possible them. The Green balloon provides you with, for instance, 1,100 XP a balloon and it costs only fifty coins to get ten of them. The least difficult 11,000 XP you are able to whip in the game! Additionally, unless you reach that balloon, the somewhat costlier solution - Blue Balloon is an incredible option too.

2. train train, train

While after learning an exercise product, it won't create any additional money, it'll still provide exactly the same quantity of XP. In case you've the time, stick with the very first degree products again and again - it will not provide you with a lot of XP, though you are able to fix the product at no cost and get it done unless your ninja bleeds (which will not happen, by the way). Obviously, the greater the training product, the more XP you'll have. And also the exact same pro suggestion on the guide of ours to create a lot more coins in Clumsy Ninja applies: make use of the camera Tweet each day choice to acquire that totally free repair for the best item of yours.

3. Perform all kinds of actions

The head stroke, tossing the ninja around, tickling the ninja and essentially a action type you conduct will provide you with plenty of XP points (usually once per day). And so make certain you try all of them to optimize XP gains.

4. Do the fun stuff

It may not seem just like the coolest thing to perform - having balls thrown at you or even getting through the basketball hoop, though it provides you with some great XP points, and that is what you have to accomplish in order to optimize profits.

5. Once an hour play rule

I've create a rule for me: play each hour and train the ninja with the highest level option offered. I constantly begin with the simplest choices (like throwing melons or maybe the trampoline) and also according to time I've for disposal I set up their home in the various other issues also. It really works quite nice as well as allows you to level faster.

6. Complete the quests

Although the benefits aren't incredibly remarkable, completing quests would be the method to go: not just that you obviously advance throughout the story finishing these quests, though additionally you get additional XP in the process.

7. Pop balloons getting XP very fast

For whatever reason, popping balloons provides you with a ridiculous amount of XP, except for the Fiery balloon. Fortunately you are able to get the Sky balloon fairly early on for just 4 gems. This's one instance in which you want to spend the gems of yours since the rewards are really great. As soon as you go to level 9, you are able to cash in a mere twenty five coins in return for five blue balloons.

In case you are seeking to level up quicker, balloons are a somewhat inexpensive and way that is easy to get it done. Simply keep buying balloons with the coins of yours and pop them. In case you are striving to level up or perhaps are becoming impatient with a certain job, begin popping balloons. Here is a description of what each balloon makes you in XP a pop and the things they cost:

Sky balloons - twenty five coins for five or four gems for ten - 430 XP

All-natural balloons - fifty coins for five or six gems for ten - 1,100 XP

Sensei balloons - seventy five coins for five or eight gems for ten - 6,300 XP

Multicolored balloons - hundred coins for five or ten gems for ten - 10,000 XP

I have used the balloon technique every time a quality is going slow as well as a gadget I truly wish to unlock is right inside the grasp of mine in the coming level. That is an ideal time to run this strategy. I usually use coins too, seldom gems unless I am actually in a pinch.

8. Collect the daily bonuses of yours!

Every day you place the ninja of yours to bed as well as come back, an everyday bonus is gotten by you. Perhaps even in case you do not have the time to relax Clumsy Ninja that morning, pop in only long adequate to gather the daily bonuses of yours. For the morning, then make certain you place the ninja of yours to sleep. If you do not, the daily bonus of yours does not show up.

Get to seven days in a row and also you are able to collect 1,000 coins in a single go. That is a great deal of balloon funds!

9. When everything else fails, play with the ninja of yours!

The appeal of the game is all of the methods you are able to communicate with the ninja of yours. Tickle him, throw him around, drag him on the ground. Every day you are able to collect XP doing all of these fundamental things. It is not a ton though it accumulates over time and just requires a couple of seconds. Thus remember to have time off from quests and simply go checking out with the ninja of yours. You will be amazed what you find.

10. Although make use of coins, collect animals once you are able to!

The chicken is the very first animal you face as of level ten. You are able to obviously use gems to be able to acquire them quicker though it is not actually worthwhile. Collect animals in case so when you can. They earn you cash every day for doing nothing so they are a great investment over time.

Once again, it is worthwhile in case you are utilizing coins but using gems requires a heck of a great deal longer to recover the investment of yours.

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